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Service Summary*

*A quick description of what we do so you know whether to read on or leave our website now and go look at videos of cute cats. If that's what you're into, click here to check this one out.

We will create an entire app. Add all of your menu & information to it. And release it on the iOS and Android app stores without you having to lift a finger - all for free!

P.S. the app can do some really cool stuff that will massively benefit your company!


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Hello Busy Owner,

I understand that you're busy keeping your staff on track, making sure you have enough stock and doing far too much paperwork. But surely you wouldn’t want to be left behind your competition, lose your loyal customers and avoid attracting new local customers!?

Have a quick read below to see how having your own branded customisable app could benefit you and your team...

How exactly will an app benefit me?

Don't worry, I'll get into the juicy bits of exactly how the app will benefit you further down. For now though, I can 100% confirm for you that having your own branded app will have the following benefits (it already has done for other business owners!):

1 It will bring in new customers. People will see the app advertised, download it and know everything that you want them to: your menu, events, contact info, life story, what you had for breakfast etc. Gaining customers is the most expensive part of marketing so this will be a great help.

2 It will keep you closely connected to your loyal customers. Tell them all of your exciting news, special offers and events etc. Give them a reason to keep coming back.

3 It will show the undeniably high quality of your establishment. Having an app is prestigious and something that you will be very proud of and show to all of your family, friends and locals that order the same beer every friday night.

But why do I need a mobile app? Don't I spend enough time and money already on marketing? Why take on another headache?

Simple answer:

Because it’s easier than you think, consists of very little effort from you and is surprisingly affordable!

As I mentioned above, you won't need to lift a finger to get your app released. As soon as you get in contact, we'll create an app using your colours and branding from your website and add your current menu. We'll then have some back and forth with you until it looks perfect and does exactly what you want it to. When you're 100% happy, we'll release it - no effort from you!

A recent study shows that restaurants are the most searched industry on mobile devices. According to surveys, 75% of consumers said they chose a restaurant based on these search results! A restaurant with an app will have a clear advantage over its competition.

Society is constantly using their mobile devices to find places to eat and drink through recommendation and review services such as TripAdvisor, Google and other websites & apps. Why make people use these other companies apps when they could be using your own branded app, written in your own words, to explain why your establishment is the best place for them to visit!

Smartphones have become our most valuble allies in everyday life. We trust them with an increasing number of daily tasks. Having a mobile app is key to your success in today’s world – a conclusion easily made by the ever increasing speed of technology!

wise word moment

perfection is impossible - also known as: the downsides

This app service is for you to use. A marketing tool, a branding tool and a way to keep in closer contact with your customers. Communicate with them and promote yourself as much as you feel necessary.

• The service will obviously have an additional cost to you. But, one that is only as expensive as a mobile phone contract!

• Nobody will magically find the app. You will need to create awareness of it yourself. Don't worry though - we have a lot of experience with promoting apps and can help you design posters and stickers with your QR code and make sure that everybody knows you have an app.

• It will take a tiny bit of effort for somebody within your company to update the app. We've made it so easy to do though. It'll take barely any time and we add your existing menu and info which means there is nothing for you to do right now.

• An app might not suit your place and might not be downloaded by anyone...

If, however, you have loyal customers and an awesome service to give them, then I can promise you that this is the best way to excite new customers and keep everyone updated in the most fashionable and attention grabbing way.

Anyway, numbers speak more than words ever could so if you're not convinced, click below now to see why it is so important for you to have a mobile app...

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*cough* I would personally be patient, read on and wait to see the numbers later. But that's just me ;)

So why do I need an app right now?

Do you remember the time when you didn't have a website but technology slowly crept up on you and made having one a necessity. That time is definitely approaching for mobile apps in the hospitality industry.

It's already impossible to survive without being listed on Google and Trip Advisor so why not get ahead of the curve (your competition!) by being fully in control and having an app created just the way you want it.

You have to adapt and stay innovative to stay relevant and a presence of an app is a vital step in that.

Think about this for second. If you’re a restaurant owner and don't have an optimised bespoke app, you're already missing out on the most important tool for bringing customers to your door.


Simply having an app puts you in the top 5% of all restaurants*

* I hear this is the place to be to make more money

Avoid the dreaded pinching and zooming on mobile websites and keep the experience as easy as possible when new customers are still in the important decision process.

It is very well known that increasing your customer satisfaction, giving them a good experience and making them happy will all lead to you being more successful and your business thriving and earning more money.

In conclusion, an app provides your restaurant information fast and the possibilites are limitless and only really limited by our creativity.

Read on to find out why customers will love you so much if you have your own app.

psstt...pass the sauce

We will only be accepting a handful of new clients to ensure that we have enough time to create amazing apps and get them released faster than a microwaves ding

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Having An App is 100% Guaranteed to Help Your Business but Don't Take My Word For It!

Deren, London, Is Seeing Great Benefits From Having His Own Menu App, click 'Play' above to see why!

Do your customers know upcoming events, your latest menu specials or what beers you have on sale?*

*This may require some roleplay to explain. No, not that kind of roleplay

You should be making it more convenient for your customers. They don't want to have to actively check your Facebook and Twitter to see what fun events are happening in your establishment. They might attend frequently but don't follow you on Facebook and Twitter etc. I know that I frequent the same restaurants all the time and don’t actively check their social medias.

Your own app establishes a way for you to communicate directly with your customers and inform them about promotional offers, discounts, special events etc. as well as inticing new customers in a much more effective way than through traditional advertising.

Instant booking reservations can be made with just 1 push of a button. The most reliable way to make sure a customer comes to your restaurant is to have them make a reservation. A very smart restaurant with it's own menu app changed their answer phone message to ask people to download the app and make reservations through the app. A great idea!

We highly recommend including a click to call feature: the easiest way for customers to instantly contact you. There is no denying it, being able to contact through a mobile app is an extremely effective medium for customers to reach you.

It is super easy to update the menu and your app can be used offline with no Internet connection which means it will always be available for them to see what you have to offer. Even if the Internet completely broke (admittedly, not a very likely event)!

Mobile Maps instantly bring nearby customers right to your door. Having a button that directs customers to your restaurant makes it simple for local diners to find you. No need for your customers to memorise your address either.

You have to keep in mind that those customers with the app installed on their smartphone are not a possible customer: they are actual customers who explicitly decided to install this tool on their mobile device. This shows that they are interested in receiving whatever you might want to send them, and of course, because they are planning to visit again some time soon.

Let’s run some numbers past you...

Don't worry - no calculators will be needed!

80% of consumers prefer to look at a menu online before dining at a restaurant.

75% of consumers said they chose a restaurant based on search results performed on a mobile device.

70% of customers think it’s important to read a menu on a mobile device.

62% of customers are less likely to choose your restaurant if they can't read your menu easily on their mobile.

If your customers can't simply read your menu, then the next logical step is for them to search for another restaurant - your competitor!

How many people can get my app?

61% of people use an Android smartphone

32% of people use an iOS (Apple) smartphone

93% of people in the UK own & use a mobile phone

Fact Check by clicking here

We will release your app on Android & iOS which means that You could have your app on 93% of all UK smartphones!

Fact Check by clicking here

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The bright future of Menu App ( *features coming soon* )

Get on board now and you'll be along for the ride of these awesome features at no extra cost:

Loyalty programs within the app. E.g. buy 4 coffees, get one free.

An entire table booking system complete with the ability to cancel and rearrange etc.

Takeaway bookings and make payments within the app.

Any awesome ideas you have*

* We love to hear from our customers and get excited by making a better service for you! We literally jump at the opportunity to work together to improve things and you never know...there might be a little sweet treat in it for you if you give us something sweet to work on.

"use the power of your app to connect with your humble foodie followers"

mmm tastes like success

In the unlikely event of you not being satisfied with the service, you can just stop paying and your app will be removed from the app stores after we confirm it with you.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

award winning developers

Just in case it's important to you, because it certainly is to us! We want you to know that we have an award winning development team of the highest calibre.

A low quality app will not be a possiblity!

If you don't click the button below right now then you might not get your own bespoke, super awesome app. We aren't accepting many new clients

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an app may not be for you!

Having an app is for enthusiastic places that people visit frequently. If this is you, then please read on...

Imagine having an app available for your customers so they can see menu changes, read about special offers & events and book a table easily. I might add that we are just getting started. In the near future we want to add the ability to make takeaway food orders, build an in-app loyalty card and much, much more!

Having an app on the iPhone, iPad and Android app stores allows you to market to a wider audience and have a presence on the thing that the majority of people spend most their time looking at these days - their mobile phone! We even provide you with a great looking QR code that can be placed at your restaurant so people can easily download your app.


Apps are the new website
and everybody needs one

What Does The App Do?

your app features menu

allergy advice: may contain excitement


a fully customised app designed to fit your branding

We will sit down together and design it until you believe it looks perfect and completely fits your branding.

100% satisfaction

your full menu - with instant updates

Every item on your menu, including price and description will be in the app. You can update the menu and see it instantly change at any time.

save on printing costs

include photos of all of your great looking food

Make your menu more delicious with mouth watering photos!

pictures sell more food


any other customisable information pages

These pages can be updated by logging into a secure website that only you have access to.

easy full control

chef's recommendation

the ability to send instant notifications to all of your app users

These notifications/alerts will appear instantly on their phone just like a text message. Tell them about upcoming events, menu changes or that you love them.

keep in your customers minds

an updatable list of upcoming events

Login to a secure website to create and edit upcoming events. These events will appear instantly on the app so your customers know what fun things are going on.

get more attendance


the ability for customers to book tables through the app

Reservations will be instantly emailed to you with all of the information you require.

make reservations easy

an app that is automatically linked to social media

Links that take customers straight to your Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor or any social media. Reviews can be given within the app for Trip Advisor.

grow on social media

featured Apps

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P.S. 6 great reasons to get in touch right now

Great Reason No. 1 You will have your very own bespoke app created just the way you want and released on the Android and iOS app stores - completely for free. Don't let Trip Advisor and Google control your business!


Great Reason No. 2 You will have full control over the app and can instantly update the menu, upcoming events or any custom pages you decide to have by logging into a secure website. No more printed menu mistakes glaring at you!


Great Reason No. 3 The apps will not be released until you are 100% happy with the way it looks and works. Have something you're extremely proud of and want to show to everyone!


Great Reason No. 4 Apps are super cool. Send us a message if you disagree.


Great Reason No. 5 Send notifcations to customers that are pretty much guaranteed to be read. They appear on the phone just as a text message does and we all know how hard it is to ignore those!


Great Reason No. 6 Sign up now at an absolute bargain price. We will never increase your price which means you could end up with some extremely useful features in the future such as a booking system, in app loyalty card and much more. Get in touch right now and help shape an amazing service for the hospitality industry.